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Hypertrophy is one of the ways cells grow to adapt to changes in their environment, and it can be both a good and a bad thing. In this lesson, learn about the types of hypertrophy, their causes. Anal sac disease is caused by clogging or infection of glands called anal sacs located on each side of the anus. The anal sacs are related to the scent glands in skunks and produce a small amount of foul-smelling liquid. Myocardial hypertrophy is one of the primary mechanisms by which the heart compensates for a hemodynamic overload. In pressure overload, it is postulated that systolic stress triggers the production of new sarcomeres assembled in parallel, thereby increasing wall thickness (concentric hypertrophy) (). Because wall stress (pressure radius)(2 thickness), an increase in thickness in the.   imagine suddenly discovering a large mass of tissue protruding from your dogs vulva. It may look like a tumor or an impending prolapse and can be very unsightly and unpleasant to see. I have had a number of dog guardians rush their dog in believing that somehow the dog was having a miscarriage. In reality though what they are likely seeing is called vaginal hyperplasia.   this model of canine lv hypertrophy in response to a progressive pressure overload was newly devised for the purposes of the present study it was defined in some detail in a previous study from this laboratory. 7 the two design criteria were as follows (1) a progressive and readily controllable increase in afterload to a level comparable to that causing significant clinical pathophysiology. The prostate gland is an essential part of the male reproductive system, secreting a liquid that contains simple sugars, citric acid, calcium, and a number of enzymes that work to balance out and protect the seminal fluid, aiding in its motility and survival so that it can fertilize a viable egg.

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